Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our trip to Washington was a blast! Mike had to work a lot so we ended up spending time with him in Seattle.  Man, I just love how green everything is there! LeeAnn took us on a duck tour, so fun!
I know it doesn't look like I'm enjoying myself, but Eric decided to take this picture without telling me! So I am just off in space looking out to the distance. If you don't know what a duck tour is you should google it.  It was way cool going out on the water. We even got to see the house where they filmed Sleepless in Seattle.

We also took a trip down to Pike Place Market where we got to watch the flying fish and tasted fresh fruit.  All the produce there is so big and ripe, DELISH!  The bakeries there had the best treats: chocolate filled croissants, macaroons, berry filled croissants. Oh it was good. :)

We drove a lot while we were in Washington since we were going to Seattle and back.  Figures that we would have more pictures of Eric messing with the camera in the car than we have of our actual activities!

HAHAHAHA! Oh well, right? Washington was so fun that I was sad to leave. But when we hopped on our plane we weren't headed back to dull ol' Rexburg, we were headed to Phoenix!

Now, I feel bad because we don't have a single picture of our trip with Mel! We got to go to a casino, the second one that I have been to since I became legal. And I got to meet Eric's grandma. Boy, she is a hoot! I now see where LeeAnn gets her spunkiness!

Really, it was just great to be able to hang out with family. We don't get to do that very much, especially with Eric's side since they all live so far away! But we love the time that we do get to have with them.

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