Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just an update: Eric and I both got jobs here in Rexburg!!! Thank you so much for all your prayers on our behalf.
I am now working at G's Dairy Delights. Its kinda like a mini grocery store with an ice-cream shop inside. We do WIC orders (sometimes through the drive up window) and we sell LOTS of ice-cream. I have learned how to make waffle cones and I am the master at buttering bread for grilled cheese!
Eric is working at McDonald's. (As you can tell neither of us have very glamorous jobs...but hey! We take what we can get!) He just went through the orientation and will be starting next week.
Somehow we will have to figure out the car situation, because my bosses are a little weird and think that an "OPEN" sign is not enough to tell customers that we are open...they think that we also have to have a car parked in the lot to "seem open". I'm sure that the Lord will provide a way for us to accomplish what we need to! Either that or he will soften the hearts of my employers so that they will understand that I can't have the car ALL the time. (My work is REALLY close to our apartment so I can walk there).
Anyways, thank you all, again, for keeping us in your prayers. We really appreciate all the extra blessings!

Friday, August 6, 2010

So I realize it has been a MONTH since I last blogged! Sorry sorry....its been a busy month for Eric and I.

First off, Eric finished his semester at BYU-I with two A's and two B's! I am very proud of him! Some of those classes, well all of them, looked like they were pretty to see him pull good grades was awesome! He also has had interviews for some jobs which is a blessing for us. I find it hard to believe that the first places he has applied to have interviewed him...since I have been looking since we moved here to Rexburg! Oh well. At least he has found something. Wal-mart has hired him to work in Idaho Falls, but he still needs to train since they couldn't train him while he was in school. Well, we went to Burley this last week and when we got back we found out that he was supposed to train while we were gone...NO ONE EVER TOLD HIM! He never got a call telling him that he was scheduled to train. Needless to say we are a little bitter towards this hiring manager that was supposed to call him once they had scheduled him. What this means now: He will have to wait about two more weeks before they can get him back in the system (he was kicked out of their system since he was a "no-show") which means we just lost about $200. LAME. So since Wal-mart has been mostly uncooperative he has been applying at other places. (We are really hoping that he can get a job in Rexburg). He had an interview today at K-mart and he feels like it went well. We can hope it did! He will hear back from them in about a weeks time. He may also start training for a door to door sales program here in Rexburg. Its not a very reliable job but it would bring in some income!

As for me, I have applied almost everywhere. Eric had found that the best place to look for job openings in on Craigslist, so he has been helping me by applying me for almost every job on there! I got a call today to set up an interview to work as a receptionist at a dental office. I am crossing my fingers that I get hired! It will be only the third interview that I have had since Eric and I got married. Pray for me!

I have also been busy working on some of my projects. I have sewn some lounging pillows for the couch and they turned out great! They aren't anything spectacular but they work. We now have all of the bedding that I made for us before we got married so our bed is looking pretty smashing! I'm loving that we are finally using all the stuff that I made for us.

I have also been busy reading some books and I am LOVING IT! I have started the Percy Jackson series and I think they are the best read since I read Twilight. I go through them so fast its almost ridiculous. Eric complains that he loses his wife when I get into a book...I have to agree with him...but I lose my husband when his sporting events are on TV! Its a fair trade. I also found out that I can get a library card! FOR FREE! Some of you might think I'm a little weird but I have never had a library card that didn't have stipulations. Growing up outside of city limits had some downfalls. But now that I can have a library card...lets just say that I am super excited. Some other books that I am planning on reading are: the Fablehaven series, the Gemma Doyle Trilogy (A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, and The Sweet Far Thing), and I am thinking of starting over on the Charlie Bones series. (I lost track of where I stopped reading them so I figure I need to start over).

If you want some book suggestions I have tons....a favorite author of mine is Jodi Picoult (author of My Sister's Keeper) her books are awesome! Also, you cannot go wrong with a Jack Weyland book (LOVE HIM!). If you are into fantasy I would suggest E.D. Baker's The Frog Princess series. They are a very easy read and super funny. I really like to just go into the section where all the LDS author book are...I have so many LDS author books its a bit silly.

Anywho...Please keep Eric and I in your prayers so that we might find jobs close to home! Thanks to you all!