Sunday, July 11, 2010

So I realize it is now a bit past the 4th of July, but I wanted to blog about the fun day that Eric and I had. (And we actually planned it ahead of time!) Last year on the 4th Eric had the idea to go to a baseball game. I had never been to one (besides high school ones) so he was REALLY excited to be taking me to one. Well it turned out that I loved every minute of it! I thought it was so much more fun to actually be there at the game than to watch it on TV.

This year we decided to make it a tradition. (At least for the time that we are in Rexburg) The only difference this year is that we decided to make a day of it. We got up and ready and headed to Idaho Falls at about lunch time. We had saved all month to be able to go out to eat and spend what we had set aside. Those of you that know Eric will know exactly where we went out to eat at.... that's right, we went to Chile's. I find it enjoyable but not as much as he does!

So we started out our day at Chile's. I wanted to make sure that we also had some time to go shopping. :] But not the kind of shopping that I am usually found doing. I wanted to look at beds! Yep, you heard me right, Eric and I have a REAL bed now! We have been sleeping on a air mattress for the first 3 months that we have been married and now we actually have a real mattress and box springs. (We didn't really get that bed the 4th but it was over that weekend that we did purchase one.)

After the furniture/mattress stores it was time to head over to the baseball diamond. Eric has this strange desire to be at the game an hour before it even starts. If you ask me, its a little CRAZY!!! So we made sure that our friends knew where they were headed. (Sean and his date, Nate and his date)

Eric and I had also discussed having the "real" baseball experience. So we got hot dogs and peanuts and all the stuff you would find at a baseball game! (Excluding the alcohol!) It was truly the most fun that we have had this summer! I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I think the best part of the whole day was the fact that I spent it all with my wonderful husband.

The best part of the day for Eric was the fireworks. He wanted to be close enough to feel the boom and get covered in ash. Well it worked! We were definitely close enough to get covered in ash and my lungs hurt afterwards because the booms were so HUGE! Eric made sure to tape it for us so that I could upload it on here.

Overall it was a fantastic day! Idaho Falls sure knows how to pay tribute to our nations birthday!