Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sick as a Dog

Well, I realize it has been awhile since I last blogged, but I really have had nothing to blog about! Eric and I are both working and thats about all that we do.
This last wednesday I came home from work with a fever and when I woke up the next morning I had body aches and shivers. It was not good. So I asked one of my co-workers to cover for me and she obliged but couldn't be there til after 7:30 (which meant that I would have to go into work for 2.5 hours).
Well I went, and when I got home I was 100 times worse. I was puking and just miserable. I was up all night worshiping the porcelain throne. So of course the next morning I called my boss and she could tell just from my voice that I wasn't kidding about being sick. I had another co-worker cover my shift.
I woke up yesterday with the WORST stomach pain imaginable and again contacted my employer (after I had already thrown up) and she was MUCH less sympathetic today. She had complaints about it being my third sick day and how I have only been there for "3 weeks" (I have been there almost 5). Usually her husband or she will come in to cover shifts (so that they don't have to pay someone else to do it) but neither of them would cover my shifts for any of the days I was out. She also claimed to have "other commitments" with her husband so they couldn't cover for me. One of the employees that could have covered my shift had already reached 40 hours so they wouldn't let her come in, and the other girl had the day off so she was out of town. The bosses were basically saying that I would have to come into work no matter what. (This is a food service place! We serve ice-cream and sandwiches. AND I HAVE THE FLU!!! How is it that they could demand that I come into work when it would be more likely than not that I pass this bug onto someone else? Yeah, I don't get it either).
Well I laid in bed all day trying to conserve my strength because I was going to have to walk over to work since Eric had the car at his work. And eventually my alarm went off signally it was time for me to get ready for work. I stood up and immediately started to see stars. I told myself that I had had a blessing and Heavenly Father was going to help me do this. I prayed again in my heart that my bosses would be more understanding. I just couldn't go into work. I was too faint. I phoned the bosses again and this time they told me it would better for me to stay home.
Eric has been so good helping me through all of this. Waking up at the crack of dawn to give me more medicine and making sure I was comfortable. He wouldn't be in the bathroom while I was throwing up, and I am glad for that, I wouldn't want to be in there while he pukes either. But he would make sure I was comfortably back in bed when I was done. I am so grateful for him.
I know that it was my Heavenly Father Who blessed me with the strength to over come this bug. It was through Him that I was able to stay home from work to recover. I am so grateful to have a husband that is worthy to give me a blessing at any time. I don't know what I would do without this gospel in my life. I have surely felt its strength and the strength of my Heavenly Father this week.